Inspirations to create
a better home.

C.L. Gupta Exports brings 65 years of reliable experience to manufacture multi-material decorative, furniture and lighting products tailored specifically to our customer’s needs.

C.L. Gupta Exports brings 65 years of reliable

experience to manufacture multi-material decorative,

furniture and lighting products tailored specifically to

our customer’s needs.

Design, manufacturing and
packaging, working
in unison

We take your concepts and bring them to life with our product design and

engineering teams that work together to cater to your ideas. In addition to

working with various materials and finishes, our in-house corrugation provides

packaging solutions to ship your products with ease.

3.2 million+ sq. ft

Dedicated manufacturing area



Home Decor



Renowned, Responsible
and Sustainable.

Our timeless reputation in our quality and handicraft industry has earned us

several awards, including the ‘Top Export Award for All Handicrafts‘ by the

Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, India (EPCH). Our 100% in-house

manufacturing facility provides strict control over quality and reliable

manufacturing. We also take the initiatives to reduce our impact on the

planet while ensuring productivity and performance.



EPCH Top Export Award FY18-19, FY17-18

EPCH Top Export Award FY16-17, FY15-16

EPCH Top Export Award FY12-13

Message from the Chairman

We have been in the handicraft business since 1955. Our philosophy has always been to be a reliable manufacturer providing world-class products that inspire people to create a better home.

In the last ten years, we have strategically adopted the latest technology to further our manufacturing excellence. Along with significant improvements to our quality management systems, we have enhanced our efficiency in delivering world-class products.

With reliability comes great responsibility. We work tirelessly to uplift the community by creating employment opportunities for local craftsmen and artisans. We have also been fortunate enough to empower local women with skill-building through our NGO project SNEH.

Our belief in giving back to society helped us declare 102 villages blind-free through our Eye Institute.

We also believe that sustainable manufacturing is the way forward. We have taken steps to become a Zero Liquid Discharge factory and working toward reducing our carbon footprint.

I take great pride in the fact that we are now four generations of the family that are involved in the business. I am excited to see the ambition and confidence of our youth to take this business to further heights.

Very Sincerely,

Ajay Gupta 


A water positive

Zero Liquid Discharge

100% of our process water is recovered through our state-of-the-art water treatment plant

Beauty of Rain

Over 1.1 lakh kL of water harvested from rainwater setup to return back to the ground.

Quality first, second and third.

We take a personal interest in ensuring our products are defect free, consistent and meet the quality requirements of our customers. Products made in C.L. Gupta Exports Ltd go through a series of quality checks at every step of the production cycle before being loaded for shipping.

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